Laser Projector
Projection Ball
We developed a small and low cost laser projector by applying robotics and motion control technology. You can easily draw your favorite figures with dedicated software. The projector works with USB power. Then you can also draw figures in anywhere.
Excellent Visibility You don't have to darken your room such as a LCD projector. Projection Ball uses a laser module as a light source. You can clearly draw figures in bright room with Projection Ball.
Good Design & Functionality The spherical design enables turning to various locations, such as ceiling, floor and wall. In addition, the projector works for a long time with USB mobile battery (Over 3hrs with 5V2000mhA battery).
Drawing Scalability You don't have to buy any expensive software. You can use the dedicated software for free.
In addition, you can easily make drawing data with not only dedicated software and your favorite text editor or spread sheet software. Because the drawing data(csv file) is composed of simple coordinate points. Your favorite figures are projected from SD card with the drawing data.
Equipment Scalability You can change drawing data or patterns connecting with other devices, such as RaspberryPI and Arduino, mbed throgh uart con.
You can also change drawing data in remote place with Wifi SD card.
General Versatility The projector is able to apply for not only interior, also digital signage, IoT indicators, navigations on bike and robot indicators.
Reason of low cost A common laser projector uses special actuators called galvo mirror to change mirror angle. The special angle sensors are used. These devices are expensive and difficult to treat.
On the other hand, projection ball uses simple brush motors(FA-130) that are often used for toys. The low cost magnetic angle sensors are used. These devices have some difficulties to control mirrors precisely. We developed control methods by applying motion control technology and achieved these control.